Company Values Statement

Company Values Statement


We stand for honest and ethical relationships with our clients, our employees, and in all our business dealings. We are only as good as the reputation we build.


We believe that an effective organization is made up of people who hold themselves and each other accountable for their actions. We will try our best at what we do, but we will not hide from our mistakes.


We are committed to continually refine every aspect of our organization. We will not be satisfied with the way things are currently done. We will get better every day.


We strive for consistent hard work and dedication to meet the needs of our clients, our organization and the communities in which we operate.


We endeavor to be an organization that helps people who help themselves. We will support each other as we grow through diligent effort and honest mistakes. We will support those who try, regardless of the outcome.


We believe our daily actions should demonstrate our respect for the environment, our clients, our community, and our co-workers.

Hertzler & George

 is a design, build and maintenance firm in Williamsburg, Virginia dedicated to the development of extraordinary gardens and properties.

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