Lawn Drainage Problems

Lawn Drainage Problem?

We Rescue Drowning Yards!

You're not alone. Over 50% of homeowners have chronic problems with wet spots and standing pools of water in their yards that last for days after a rain. It's not only unsightly, but standing water in your yard eventually causes everything from inconveniences such as your children not being able to play outside to serious problems like soil erosion, water in your basement, rot and mold, and a house foundation that's under attack every time it rains.

You have a solution now. Proper site drainage is critical for protecting your home and landscape. Since 1993, Hertzler & George has worked hard to become the leading specialists in the Williamsburg area for designing and installing landscape drainage solutions that stop yards from drowning. We've solved drainage problems for many of your neighbors, and we're eager to show you a customized solution for your problem areas.

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During the consultation, you can expect:

  • If it's a relatively simple drainage problem, we'll explain what needs to be done and give you an estimate. With your go-ahead, we'll schedule our crew as quickly as possible.
  • If it's a complex drainage problem that requires a more in-depth diagnosis, we'll give you an estimate for preparing and H&G Drainage Plan. With an H&G Drainage Plan you'll receive a detailed schematic (diagram) of the master plan for the recommended solution and cost estimates.
  • Customer Case Study. We'll give you a written case study of a landscape drainage system we designed and installed for a family in the Fords Colony community outside of Williamsburg. They had suffered from poor drainage problems for 10 years. Our team solved every problem they had while enhancing the beauty of their landscape, the safety of their home and the value of their most treasured asset. The slideshow below is from the case study.


About Hertzler & George 

Hertzler & George is a landscape design, build and maintenance firm in Williamsburg, Virginia known for its focus on environmentally conscious and sustainable landscape design. A familiar face in our city, Hertzler & George's owner, Joe Hertzler, is a member of the City of Williamsburg's Architectural Review Board and former member of the Planning Commission. Whether you have a small yard or a large estate, the talented professionals at Hertzler & George are eager to transform your ideas and wishes into beautiful and usable outdoor spaces your entire family will enjoy. Trees, flower beds, spacious lawns, garden paths, privacy walls, decks, play areas, water accents—what's on your wish list?

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“...not a puddle to be found.”

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job. Last night an inch of rain and not a puddle to be found. All the water drained through the system you set up and it seems to work perfectly.
Queens Lake
September 2013