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Residential Garden Design

Ford's Colony Pergola
Find out how a new pergola transformed an aging deck.

Rain Garden Basics
Installing a rain garden is a great way to help protect our water quality.

First Colony Residence
Can you build in an RPA?

Visualize Your Project With Hertzler & George 3D Design
3d models can help you see your landscape before it's constructed.

A Back Yard Zen Garden
This relaxing retreat invites visitors to get up close and personal with plants.

A Front Yard Vegetable Garden
This beautiful vegetable garden is front and center.

Designing the Bones of Your Garden
If you plan ahead, your garden can look great in winter.

Forcing Spring-blooming Branches
A few tips on getting blooms to brighten your winter interiors.

Our Design Process
An explanation of how our design process works.

What Makes a Good Garden?
Take a 3-D tour through one of our designs.

Queen's Lake Case Study
Out of the box thinking creates a dramatic new entrance.

A Walled Entry Court
A brick walled entry court provides breathing space for owners and guests.

Groundcover for a Shady Backyard
What are some of the choices?

Alternatives to grass
What can you use to replace a small area of grass?

Fall Cleanup
Here are some tips for end-of-the-season cleanup.

Winter Tips
Here are some ideas to get your garden looking good in winter.

Landscape Architecture

A Williamsburg Botanical Garden
Take a 3-D tour through a conceptual plan for botanical garden.

Specifying Plants
How do we go about it?

Thoughts About Native Plants
Why natives are a good choice for landscape designs.

How We Design Your Outdoor Spaces
Listen to what Joe Hertzler had to say to about our design process on The Tide Radio 92.3 FM.

Turf Care

Lawns and Water Quality
Healthy lawns can be good for the bay.

Watering the lawn
How do I know if my lawn needs water?

Stiltgrass in my lawn
How do I get rid of it?

Aerating My Lawn
Can you do it in Winter?

When to Plant Grass
Find out why spring is not a good time to do it.

Seeding Rates
Why do we seed at the rate we do?

Ways to Beat Summer Lawn Stress in Williamsburg
Learn about the typical problems for summer lawns.

How to Remove Bermuda Grass From Your Lawn
Watch how Hertzler & George can help remove that pesky Bermuda grass from your lawn.

How to Remove Mushrooms From Your Lawn
An entertaining video of how we recommend you remove the mushrooms that sprout up in your lawn.

Nimblewill In My Lawn
Can it be treated?

Weed Control
Find out about our approach to controlling weeds in a healthy lawn.

How to Water a New Lawn
Here's a step-by-step pdf that you can download.

Trees, Shrubs & Ornamentals

Growing Roses
Some tips from Cal Glaspie

Pruning Boxwood
Some tips from Cal Glaspie

Yellow Pachysandra
Should you fertilize?

Don't Take Crapemyrtles for Granted!
Why we love crapemyrtles.

Dogwoods for Our Area
Here are some recommendations on the best varieties to plant.

How to Prune Ornamental Grasses
Take a look at this informative video.

Boxwoods on the Decline?
How to keep your boxwoods healthy.

Japanese Stiltgrass
Controlling with pre-emergents.

Starting Seeds Indoors
Some basic tips on getting started.

Girdling Tree Roots
Will they hurt my tree?

Buying Seeds
Here's a list of some great places to buy seeds.

Winter Pruning Tips
Here are some helpful guidelines on how to prune plants in the winter.

How to Control Weeds in Your Shrub Beds
A video showing how to deal with weeds.

Shrubs With Fall Interest For Williamsburg, Virginia
Suggested plants for fall color and fruit.

Tree Roots and Foundations
Which trees should I remove?

Tree Mats
Are they a good alternative to mulch?

Going Green

Make the Most of Your Compost
A few basics on compost.

7 Ways to Go Green Now
Learn what you can do right now to help the environment.

Growing a Greener Lawn
Here are some ways to keep your lawn soil in great shape.

Landscape Pest Control

Horticultural Oil
What is it and when should you use it?

Moles and Grubs
Should you apply grub treatment?

Black Widows
What to do if you find them in your yard.

Tips for Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Does anything work?

Coyote Scent Repellent
Should you use it?

Landscape Maintenance

Power Washing
How to avoid damage to your house and plants.

Leaf Removal
Avoid the hassle and let us do it for you.

Which type should I use?


Using reclaimed materials
How it can save in so many ways.

Construction Stress or Construction Fun
Which would you rather have?

Venting and Waterproofing a Raised Terrace
Here are a couple ways to go about it.

Inexpensive Replacement Materials
Why they don't always stack up.

Our Hardscape Warranty
We stand behind our work.

Got a Question?

Yellow Pachysandra

Q: What is causing the pachysandra under my white oak to be yellow versus the same stuff across the sidewalk that looks fine? Do I need fertilizer?

A:Is the Pachysandra you're talking about new, or has it been there a while? If it's new, I would not fertilize yet. You're right in thinking that the oak tree may be responsible. Large trees suck everything out of the soil. Eventually, supplemental fertilizer might help, but for now I recommend letting it sit f to see if it establishes on it's own.
-Joe Hertzler

More Recent Questions

Stiltgrass In My Lawn
How do I get rid of it?

Tree Mats
Are they any good?

When To Aerate
When is the best time?

Girdling Roots
What should I do about them?

Alternatives to Grass
What are the options?

Seed Rates
What's the right rate?

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