7 Ways to Go Green Now

1. Cash in on the barrel-head

Let us connect one or more barrels to your rain gutters and you can use your roof runoff to cut down on water use.  Some municipalities will even give you a rebate for your barrels.

2. Go native

Let us convert some of your high-maintenance lawn to a low-maintenance planting bed using native shrubs and perennials.  Native plants are often more drought resistant than exotic ornamentals and they also stand up better to deer!  Using natives also preserves the natural character of the Virginia landscape. 

3. Garden in the rain

We can design and install a rain garden to capture and filter roof and pavement runoff. Why let all that precious water go down the storm drain when it can recharge your watertable?

4. Try tree-conditioning

We can help you save on heating and cooling costs by siting and planting deciduous trees that shade the house in the summer, and evergreen trees that block cold winter winds.

5. Replace high-maintenance shrubs

Do you have overgrown foundation plants that require constant pruning and attention?  Let us replace them with a correctly sized shrub so you can save wear and tear on your electric clippers.

6. Take it slow

Our SloGreen program can cut down on lawn mowing and shrub trimming.  A few applications of growth inhibitor each year is all you need to keep plants under control.

7. Compost, compost, compost!

No landscape is complete without a compost area. But it does not need to be a mess. We can help you find a suitable location and build a compost bin that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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