A Shady Retreat

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After a storm brings down a beloved tree, a replacement takes shape.
In 2003, after hurricane Isabel blew down a stately tree in this Williamsburg, Virginia backyard, the owners were left with a big gap in their yard, and in their hearts. The old tree was almost a part of the family.  For years, it’s spreading limbs provided a shady place to relax and watch the grandchildren playing on a rope swing. The owners could have replanted a new tree, but it would be years before it was big enough to provide real shade. As an alternative, Hertzler & George suggested building a wooden arbor that they could use immediately. The structure was designed to support a rope swing and chair, and an open-framed roof  provides support for vines to grow on.


BEFORE – After the storm, the loss of the shade tree made the backyard unwelcoming. DURING – A 3d model of the house and arbor allowed the clients to see how it would relate to the house.


DURING – The 3d model allowed the clients to see exactly what the arbor would look like. AFTER – The finished structure.
A GREEN CEILING – Plantings around the base of the arbor will eventually grow up into the roof to provide welcome shade.
HAVE A SEAT – A swing bench and simple bluestone landing provide the perfect afternoon getaway.

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