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What Does Aeration Mean?

Soil that lacks sufficient air can result in slow growth, bald spots, excess irrigation runoff, shallow root systems and a lawn that’s highly vulnerable to insects, disease, and heat damage.

To aerate a lawn means to supply the soil with air. The availability of air at the roots can help prevent a poisonous build-up of the various waste products that occur in the individual grass plants. In addition to sufficient air, aeration improves the lawn’s ability to absorb water and fertilizer as well. These necessities together provide for a much stronger, healthier and more beautiful lawn.


Make Aeration & Overseeding part of your maintenance program

We strongly recommend Lawn Core Aeration and Overseeding for your lawn this fall. This service provides many benefits to your heat-stressed lawn following the Summer.

Your Lawn Before Aeration

Before aeration, the soil in your lawn is compacted, preventing air and water from penetrating. This means that the root systems are weakened from lack of what they need.


Your Lawn After Aeration

Loosening up the soil by aerating will allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots, enlarging and strengthening them and making the grass thicker and more stress-resistant..

AERATION IS A MESSY PROCESS. Expect your lawn to look pretty rough when we are finished. You may see:
  • plugs of various sizes
  • ruts and skids
  • torn up grass
This is normal and expected but the lawn will recover The more heavily the lawn is aerated, the better the soil will become.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Aeration Benefits your lawn by Increasing:
Aeration Benefits your lawn by Increasing:
  • Growth rate of the grass
  • Ability of water and fertilizer to penetrate soil
  • Absorption rate of irrigation and rainfall
  • Root growth activity
  • Strength and health of grass
  • Soil’s ability to hold adequate moisture
  • Capability of bacteria to decompose organic matter
  • Lawn’s ability to withstand heat stress

“Your aeration and seeding crew yesterday was remarkable. In the six years I’ve been in this house, they were the most efficient operation I’ve seen.”

– B.F., Governor’s Land, Williamsburg