Solving a Landscape Drainage Problem in Ford’s Colony

Client Concerns The drainage problems at this residence had been developing over the course of a decade. Years of inundation, misplaced irrigation, and overgrown plantings had changed the flow of runoff and resulted in channeling and pooling of water at various locations around the house. Several attempts had been made to alleviate the problems, but they were merely ‘Band-Aid’ solutions … Read More

Queens Lake Residence

Out-of-the-box thinking and open-minded clients allow a major change to the layout of the yard.  Moving the garage door to the side of the house allows a gracious new entry court. Curb Appeal Due to the poorly designed circulation (above right) the view of the house is dominated by cars and the space is not welcoming to visitors on foot. … Read More

A Walled Entry Court

Creating a buffer from the too-close street, a brick-walled entry court provides breathing space for both owners and guests. A Court With Appeal The awkward and uninteresting entrance to the house (above right) was dominated by an overgrown Japanese maple, and an unusually small setback from the street made the front door feel exposed. To ease this problem a simple … Read More

Inexpensive Replacement Materials Don’t Stack Up to Originals

Inexpensive and maintenance free or short sighted and maintenance proof: How do substitute materials stack up in the long run? By John H. Cluver, AIA The pressure to replace historic materials with inexpensive substitutes is strong. There are arguments, however, to support keeping those original clapboards and roofs.  Marketers would have you believe that there are fundamental problems with historic … Read More

7 Ways to Go Green Now

1. Cash in on the barrel-head Let us connect one or more barrels to your rain gutters and you can use your roof runoff to cut down on water use.  Some municipalities will even give you a rebate for your barrels. 2. Go native Let us convert some of your high-maintenance lawn to a low-maintenance planting bed using native shrubs … Read More

Nimblewill In My Lawn

Q: I’ve been having trouble with nimblewill (Muhlenbergia Schreberi) in my lawn and heard that mesotrione and isoxaflutole are effective treatments. Do you recommend them? K.H., Williamsburg, Virginia A: Mesotrione is indeed a rather effective selective control of nimblewill though it hasn’t proven to completely kill off nimblewill. Unfortunately, it isn’t labeled for use in home lawns. The other product in these … Read More

Advice from a Coast Guard Commander

Charles Blaha was a client who became a mentor to me. His career as a Coast Guard commander had taught him how to lead people effectively. I was lucky enough to have a chance to learn from him for several years before he died. One of the greatest comments he ever made to me pertained to his own landscape. He … Read More

A Look on the Bright Side

1-     The US is the largest most productive economy in the world …..we have 4.5% of thePopulation and account for 25% of the GDP 2-     The US is the leading Mfg of Goods (surprised?) …………….. our share of Global Mfg is 21%…it was 22% in 1990 …not much change ….China is 13% 3-     The US is the largest exporter of Goods and Services … Read More

A Business Formula That Will Work in These Times

“In the next couple of years the businesses that thrive will be those that are miserly with costs, wary of debt, cautious with cashflows and obsessively attentive to what customers want.” – THE ECONOMIST, May 30, 2009

Watering Your Newly Seeded Lawn Step-by-Step

Correct watering of new lawns is critical for success, but it’s not too difficult if you follow our guidelines.  Click on the link below for more information. Are you watering enough? Here is a simple test. Download the Newly Seeded Lawn Step-By-Step Guide Return to Knowledge Center