In April 1993, Joe Hertzler and Linda George Hertzler began envisioning a different sort of company. Joe chose the name GreenGuard Associates. The word “GreenGuard” symbolizes the focus the company will have of protecting the environment, while “Associates” symbolizes how the company will be structured as a team of dedicated professionals working together toward common goals.


In December 1994, Joe and Linda incorporate GreenGuard Associates, Inc. The Company begins operation by offering environmental consulting service to developers in Williamsburg, Virginia.


The Company purchases equipment and hires staff necessary to begin a tree service operation. This decision was made in response to customers’ request for higher quality service than was locally available at the time.


The Company begins marketing plant health care services. These include tree fertilization, and integrated pest management of trees and shrubs.


The Company adds lawn care and landscape installation services, in order to provide customers more complete landscape care.


The Company re-focuses its tree service operations, after becoming one of the largest and most profitable of its type in the area, in order to direct company resources on more technical aspects of the green business.


Toward this goal, the Company creates Hertzler & George, the design/build arm for extraordinary residential properties.


The Company expands its depth and breadth of design capabilities by hiring the talented landscape architect, Phillip Merritt, and investing heavily in computer-aided design software.


Company founder Joe Hertzler enrolls in the Executive MBA program at William & Mary with the goal of gaining tools needed to lead a thriving business to another level of success.

Over the years, Hertzler & George / GreenGuard has integrated these specialties, combining the expertise and talent of our diverse staff into a company committed to environmental sensitivity, creative thinking, innovative techniques and personalized customer service.