STATEMENT OF PURPOSE – Why we started the company in the first place

The purpose of this company is to help our people grow better each day by being a part of an organization that channels their talent and energy in ways that benefit the communities in which we operate. 

OUR VISION – What we plan to do

To revolutionize the built environment by making human habitation sustainable.

OUR MISSION– How we plan to do it

We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us. – Winston Churchill

The places we humans inhabit – our homes, businesses and communities – have a profound influence on us individually and collectively. Human habitation, in turn, has a profound influence on the natural world. Through this company we work to make this two-way exchange mutually beneficial. We plan to be a leader in producing products and services that allow the natural world to enhance human potential while eliminating the by-products of human habitation that harm the nature world. In our day-to-day actions we will work to evolve our customer’s homes, businesses, and communities toward this goal by striving to be the provider of choice in the industries we serve. We are a company that delivers a consistent experience across a broad range of services in a way that exceeds the expectations of those who buy from us, generates enthusiasm and a good financial return to those who work with us, and makes a significant contribution to our communities. The way we go about pursuing this goal – the products we offer and procedures we follow – will change over time, but the goal will remain.

We will be the company we imagine as we focus on these guiding principles:

  1. Maintain long-term relationships with our customers by delivering what they want and need in the short-term.
  2. Work relentlessly on our business so that we do more with less, eliminate waste, and have fun doing it.
  3. Create an environment in which the people who are a part of our team know that they matter and grow in ways that are important to them.

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