Construction Stress or Construction Fun

What causes “Construction Stress” for a client?

#1 Stress – Work not progressing fast enough. Have you ever had a project drag on and on? Contractors are famous for giving the run-around. They work on your project just long enough to make you stop whining, and then they go somewhere else to put out another fire.

#2 Stress – Owners don’t see the quality they expected and they lose faith in the contractor. Trust is the most important component in any relationship. Once a contractor gets caught once or twice cutting corners, not doing what he said he would do, etc., the trust can be gone.

#3 Stress – The work does not look like the Owner’s imagined it would. This is a tough one. The typical Owner is not a trained designer and, therefore, may not be good at visualizing the end result. To help this problem, we at H+G spend a great deal of time on the design. We do so for our benefit as well as our clients. “The devil is in the details” and by spending the time required to produce a thorough design many of those devils can be eliminated.

#4 Stress– Cost over-runs.

What can make Construction Fun?

#1 Fun – Seeing something new everyday when you get home. Our clients love coming home at the end of a day and walking through the project with our team.

#2 Fun– Watching an idea come out of the ground. Nothing can be more exciting than watching an idea you had become reality.

Remember: The key is to minimize the stress and pour on the fun!

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