Coyote Scent Repellent

Q: On a mission to reduce the impact of the deer and just had a long chat with a biologist at the Dept of Fisheries and Game. Guess what he claims is by far the most effective home remedy? Coyote pee! He mixes it with mineral oil and sprays all his plants about once a month and claims it works like a charm for deer and rabbits (creates territorial boundaries as the smell of the predator pee scares them off). You can buy it online quite cheaply. As well, one of their other guys told me to buy a system called plot saver which basically “tapes” off your property and uses scent on the tape to deter deers.

A:I’ve also heard the coyote pee works well. However, I have a real ethical problem with using it. Where do they get that pee from? Putting little baggies on wild animals? I think not. It is collected from caged animals treated quite inhumanely. I really prefer to find another method.
-Joe Hertzler

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