Benefits Of Aeration

Q: What is the appropriate watering schedule for my newly seeded lawn?
-Sarah K.

If you’re using an irrigation system, it’s impossible to say exactly how long you need to run it. Run time depends on your system, your soil, and the amount of rainfall. But whether you have and automatic system or not, here’s a useful tool.

Use the “Soil Clump Test” to tell if soil has enough water:

Step 1: Wait about 6 hours after rain or watering.

Step 2: Grab a handful of soil and squeeze it into a ball. If mud sticks to your hand, it’s too wet so water less. If the ball crumbles, it’s too dry so water more. If the ball of soil holds together but comes off clean from your hand, it’s just right.

I recommend you do this test on a regular basis to keep soil moisture where it needs to be. Consistent and appropriate water really is the magic ingredient for a decent lawn.

-Joe Hertzler

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