Irrigation & Lighting

The grass is greener where you water it.

Protect your lawn & Show it off

A proper irrigation system protects your yard from the ebb and flow of eastern VA’s rainfall levels. H&G can carefully calibrate every element of your system, from sprinkler types and locations to timing and water duration, to achieve the best results and protect your investment.

The right lighting choice can dramatically enhance your landscape at night so you can show it off no matter what time it is.

Irrigation Services

The experts at Hertzler & George can handle your irrigation needs

Annual Service

From turning your system on in Spring to turning if off for Winter, and everything in between.


System Repairs

Whether your system springs a leak, or you need a new backflow preventer, H&G's experts can repair it.


System Upgrades

Changes to your landscape require changes in watering. H&G can make the right improvements.

Inconsistent rainfall levels of our region makes relying on Mother Nature to water your yard a risky gamble.

Annual Service Plan

Get peace of mind by signing up for Hertzler & George’s yearly irrigation service plan and let us make sure your system is set for every season. The plan includes:
  • Irrigation Activation

    One of H&G’s trained technicians will turn your system on in the spring, check for damaged heads, set the timer/control, and make any necessary adjustments for optimal coverage.

  • Irrigation Mid-Season Check

    H&G will also check and adjust your system in mid-summer to ensure all beds and lawn areas are getting proper coverage.

  • Irrigation Winterization

    We’ll prepare your irrigation system for cold weather by blowing out water lines to prevent freeze damage to your system.

  • Irrigation Backflow Certification

    Did you know that James City County requires yearly testing of irrigation backflow devices? Hertzler & George can test and certify your backflow device as required for all local city and county ordinances.

“I would like to thank Hertzler and George for the excellent service that Joshua provided. It is the first time I felt that a very knowledgeable irrigation person provided this service in our 9 years here. He made repairs to leaky sprinklers and made a recommendation to extend the existing irrigation where I requested a new sprinkler be added to save cost…Thank you for the very professional service.”

– L.C., Williamsburg, April 2017