A Look on the Bright Side

1-     The US is the largest most productive economy in the world …..we have 4.5% of thePopulation and account for 25% of the GDP

2-     The US is the leading Mfg of Goods (surprised?) …………….. our share of Global Mfg is 21%…it was 22% in 1990 …not much change ….China is 13%

3-     The US is the largest exporter of Goods and Services ….we may not be of goods alone.but when added together we are largest

4-     The US remains the World’s favorite destination for Foreign Direct Investment …our global share if inward FDI was 16% vs 6% for China

5-     The US is home to the World’s top brands …….more than 52 % of the top 100 brands

6-     The US remains the World’s Technology leader

7-     The topranked Universities in the World are in the US

8-     The US dollar is still the World’s Top reserve currency

9-     The US military is second to none

10-  The US ranks #1 inGlobal competitiveness. based on the latest survey done by the World EconomicForum