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Compare Service Plans

We can offer Grounds Maintenance service to meet any level of demand. Take a look at a general comparison of options, and keep in mind that at any level, we can customize the service to whatever specific needs you’re looking for.
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Basic Mowing

Mowing service includes 29 visits throughout the year.

GroundsKeep Mowing

Mowing service includes 33 visits throughout the year.

Off-Season Cleanup

Cleanup of bed areas and debris during fall and winter.

Leaf Removal

Blowing and collection of all fallen leaves on your property during the fall.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning of shrubs, ornamental trees and perennial grasses to maintain health and beauty.

Seasonal Flowers

We’ll spruce up your landscape with annual colors.


Cleanup planting bed areas, sharpen edges and install a new layer of hardwood mulch.

Fertilization & Weed Control

A series of treatments from early Spring through late Fall, including application of vital nutrients and organic matter, designed to specific needs of warm season or cool season lawns.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration improves the lawn’s ability to absorb water and fertilizer and overseeding helps to fill in thin spots.

Disease Control

This is a series of applications to treat fungus and other diseases that can damage your grass.

A series of treatments to help maintain the highest quality of health for your trees and shrubs.
Bed Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control applications in Spring and Fall, as well as 9 visits during the growing season to treat with post-emergent applications.

Integrated Pest Management
A series of treatments to help maintain the highest quality of health for your trees and shrubs.
Spring Activation
We’ll activate your irrigation system in the Spring, making sure it’s calibrated and functioning correctly.
Mid-season Check
We’ll assess your irrigation system during the growing season to make sure it’s functioning properly and doing what it’s supposed to.
We’ll clear out your irrigation lines to make sure it’s ready for freezing temperatures to prevent damage.
Backflow Certification

We’ll inspect and certify your irrigation system’s backflow preventer, as required by the county.

Compare Mowing Service Levels

Below you can take a look at the difference between our mowing service programs. Keep in mind when deciding on your needs that our Basic Mowing level of service is generally going to be in line with what other lower priced companies will provide you with. By comparison, with our GroundsKEEP level of service you get much more.

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An H&G crew visits vour property the number of times specified in your
contract while the lawn is actively growing from April through November.

Basic Lawn Mowing

Debris Pickup* Pick up trash and debris from the lawn prior to mowing

Mowing Professionally mow all lawn areas

Edging Sharpen up the edges along driveways, walkways and beds

Grass Blowing Blow grass clippings & debris off driveways & walkways

Leaf Blowing Leaves will be blown off the lawn and driveway into beds. Removal can be performed at an additional cost with prior approval of the homeowner


Leaf Removal Leaves will be cleaned up through the fall. The crew attempts to clear the leaves each week, but some weeks we may blow them into beds for later removal

Extra Visits One visit per month in January, February and March for general yard cleanup and four additional visits during Summer for mowing
Holiday Visit One visit in December just before the Holiday Season for general cleanup
Blow Out Beds Blow out shrub and flower beds weekly with all visits
Blow Off Porch Blow off porches and decks weekly with all visits

*STORM DEBRIS Debris resulting from extreme weather can be cleaned up at an additional cost, with prior approval of the homeowner.

Complete Landscape Maintenance

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Working With Nature

We work with nature, changing only what is out of balance in your garden.

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Routine Maintenance

Why do it yourself when the pros at H&G can have it done in a fraction of the time.

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Full Yard Beautification

We’ll keep it looking as beautiful as possible, as much of the year as possible.

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Tree & Shrub Pruning

We’ll handle shaping, improvement and maintaining health.
“We couldn’t be happier with your service as well as the service of your technicians. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful… we never worry or give our yard a second thought when it’s in your care. Thank you.”
L.H. – Governor’s Land
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