Nimblewill In My Lawn

Q: I’ve been having trouble with nimblewill (Muhlenbergia Schreberi) in my lawn and heard that mesotrione and isoxaflutole are effective treatments. Do you recommend them?
K.H., Williamsburg, Virginia

A: Mesotrione is indeed a rather effective selective control of nimblewill though it hasn’t proven to completely kill off nimblewill. Unfortunately, it isn’t labeled for use in home lawns. The other product in these trials, isoxaflutole, is a product that I wouldn’t allow to be used in my lawn even if it were approved for it- which it isn’t.

We have been hearing about mesotrione from these same researchers at VA Tech for several years now, seeing their research first hand, and are frustrated that there is a product that can help us but is just out of our grasp. There is hope and if mesotrione becomes available we will get it.

Unfortunately, there is no currently available selective treatment for nimblewill. You could treat the nimblewill with Roundup, but keep in mind that it will kill everything it comes in contact with.
-Ken Thompson

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