Spring is for planting most things, but not grass!


Photo by Tim Horton

We get a lot of calls from people in the spring. They say they’re ready for their new lawn, so can we start seeding soon?

The answer is no. There are other things we can do to prep your lawn to be a better place to grow, but you don’t want to plant grass in the spring. For one thing, new grass won’t be able to keep up with emerging weeds.

Summer weeds (like crabgrass) will grow more rapidly than new grass, and that will make it much harder for new grass to “take.” If you seed in the fall, any weeds that sprout will quickly fade away as temperatures drop, while grass will continue to grow and develop roots far into the fall and even winter.

For another thing, new grass can’t take our brutal summer heat. It doesn’t have time to mature and harden before disease and drought pressures hit. Seed planted in the fall has three quarters of a year to mature before summer. Big difference!

We’ll apply an eco-friendly material to address pre-emergent weeds, and we’ll continue to monitor your lawn throughout the spring and summer. If there are weeds, we’ll take care of them.

Come late summer and fall, we’ll plant your grass seeds.

In the meantime, please call us for an estimate! 757.229.9668. We’d love to be your lawn service people.

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