Stiltgrass in my Lawn

Q: I have Japanese Stiltgrass in my yard and I need to find out how to control it without killing my grass. What chemical do you recommend for this and where can I purchase it? Do you sell anything that would do the job? There is a premergent that can be put on in March but I was not sure if it would kill my lawn.
-B.H., Williamsburg

A: Assuming the lawn is tall fescue, to control Japanese Stiltgrass you can use herbicides containing either fenoxaprop (Acclaim Extra), sethoxydim (Poast, Vantage – make sure it’s not the Vantage that is a generic for Roundup!!!), or fluazifop (Ornamec, Fusilade). Make sure to include a surfactant such as a non-ionic surfactant at a 0.25% v/v (for example, in 1 gallon you would add a third of an ounce) or whatever the label recommends for herbicides. Also, depending on the size of the stiltgrass and how much you have mowed it, and if it is flowering/going to flower, one application or two applications may be necessary to control it. Please be advised that as with all herbicides, and this in particular, if you do not follow proper instructions for mixing the correct rate, applying the correct rate, or apply it to a stressed target/lawn, you will see injury and potentially kill your lawn. If you would like for us to spray it for you, give us a call and we can come out and give you a free estimate.
-Cal Glaspie

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