The Benefits of Topdressing / Compost

Healthy soil is alive with earthworms, insects and innumerable tiny organisms, beneficial bacteria and fungi.  This community of life is a crucial part of the nutrient cycle of plants and is what keeps lawn grasses healthy and thriving.

Frankly, the soil supporting a lawn is a stressful place. It gets mowed, raked, tread upon, weeded and sprayed. Over time, this compacts the ground and depletes the array of microorganisms that support lawn grasses.

So why is adding compost so beneficial?

Compost is simply decomposed organic matter, but it is so much more.  When used to topdress your lawn, it adds microorganisms, beneficial bacteria and fungi back into the soil to work their magic.

It essentially becomes natural fertilizer, promoting complex biological processes that are so important to your soil.

Millions of microbes go to work in your lawn, cycling nutrients and making them available to be taken up by the plants (grasses). Their movement up and down the soil layers results in better soil structure.

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