Tree & Shrub Care

Care for the cornerstones of your landscape.

Protect your investment

You’ve invested a lot in your dream yard. Now you need to make sure it stays healthy and beautiful. The H&G Tree and Shrub Care program protects your landscape with a systematic approach of diagnostic checkups and prescription pest control. We’ll carefully tailor a service program that is best for your plants and the condition of your landscape. You benefit from healthy, more beautiful and long-lasting plants.


Essentials for Health & Beauty of Trees & Shrubs

Hertzler & George offers a comprehensive maintenance plan for your trees and shrubs. Fertilization, insect management, and weed control keep trees and shrubs looking their best while fostering a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Shrub Pruning Calendar

from Virginia Tech (PDF)

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Whether your trees and shrubs are new or established, they rely on soil nutrients for growth. H&G’s proprietary Vital-Green II fertilizer blend is designed to promote beneficial micro-organism activity. Research has proven that well-maintained plants are more resistant to drought, disease and insects. Research has also shown the importance of adding organic matter to the soil. You can trust H&G to keep your plants vigorous with this important treatment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

A trained IPM specialist inspects your shrubs and ornamental trees, according to a program specific to your property. Checking for insects, diseases and other problems, our specialist applies targeted treatments when necessary. Pests don’t stand a chance. One to seven IPM Cycles may be recommended, depending on the needs of your trees and shrubs and the optimal time of year for application.

Pest Control

Did you realize only 10% of the insects around your home are harmful to plants? The goal of Hertzler & George’s pest control approach is to work with nature, changing only what is out of balance and leaving the rest untouched. This process takes much more skill on the part of our technicians, but it’s a commitment we’ve made to our clients and the environment.

Weed Control

If you’re tired of pulling weeds in your shrub beds, Hertzler & George can apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment to greatly reduce your weed problems. Your shrub beds will look better for a longer period of time and this will save you a lot of time and effort.

Deer Repellent

Protect your valuable landscape. Hertzler & George’s deer repellents are the most effective available. They are also rain-resistant, long-lasting and safe/non-toxic for animals, plants and the environment.

Common Tree & Shrub Questions

You've got questions about your trees and shrubs. Hertzler & George has the answers.

“Ryan did a great job on the shrubs. D. and I are most impressed with the amount of professionalism. Best money I have spent.”

– M.C., White Hall, June 2017

Tree & Shrub Care Resources

About Weed Prevention Process

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