A Williamsburg Botanical Garden

A Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Watch the video below to see a Williamsburg botanical garden come to life.   </p> <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> <p>  
A Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Specifying Plants

Here is a question asked by a client considering hiring us to design a landscape for their home in Williamsburg, Virginia. I thought the question and my answer are worth highlighting. Q: My husband and I very much enjoyed meeting with you and discussing the design of...

Thoughts About Native Planting

Where does H&G’s enthusiasm for native plants come from?  One source is our landscape architect Phillip Merritt, who trained at the University of Virginia, learning the approach of great designers such as Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmsted is best known for...

How we design your outdoor spaces

When Hertzler & George first begins a project, we visit your home to get measurements, a list of existing plants, and a sense of what you want to do with your yard. Do you entertain? garden? need more privacy? want more light? We bring this information back, load...