How much water?

Q: What is the appropriate watering schedule for my newly seeded lawn?
-Sarah K.

If you’re using an irrigation system, it’s impossible to say exactly how long you need to run it. Run time depends on your system, your soil, and the amount of rainfall. But whether you have and automatic system or not, here’s a useful tool.

Use the “Soil Clump Test” to tell if soil has enough water:

Step 1: Wait about 6 hours after rain or watering.

Step 2: Grab a handful of soil and squeeze it into a ball. If mud sticks to your hand, it’s too wet so water less. If the ball crumbles, it’s too dry so water more. If the ball of soil holds together but comes off clean from your hand, it’s just right.

I recommend you do this test on a regular basis to keep soil moisture where it needs to be. Consistent and appropriate water really is the magic ingredient for a decent lawn.

-Joe Hertzler


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Joe Hertzler goes the extra mile

Hertzler and George were contracted to perform some landscaping for a seller of mine to get the home ready to show. They had just finished an extensive re-landscaping of the next door neighbors entire yard. I was very impressed by their attention to detail and their desire to satisfy their client. Joe Hertzler goes the extra mile to achieve complete client satisfaction. They provide a complete mix of landscaping design services and maintenance of existing landscaping

Tim Parker
Liz Moore Real Estate

Friendly, courteous, and respectful

Tom, the plants look great! The gentlemen did a wonderful job, again. They are friendly, courteous, and respectful young men; you very fortunate to have such fine young people working with/for you.

S & R.B.
Season’s Trace, Williamsburg

One of the best we’ve ever had

I wanted to let us know that you are doing such a nice job with the services. Your company is one of the best we’ve ever had and we appreciate your good work.


the crew did a fine job

Please thank Herman and his crew for the good job that they did in using their leaf blowers to keep mulch, etc. away from our house. I had spoken to Herman about our concern on the 15th as you suggested and the crew did a fine job then as well as yesterday. We are looking forward to having this same service continued in the future. Thank you.

Ford’s Colony, Williamsburg

We think it’s going to be fabulous!

We think it’s going to be fabulous! I love the combination of bittersweet, climbing rose and clematis on the pergola and the multi seasonal features of many of the plants you have chosen is going to be wonderful year round. I look forward to talking in depth when we return but again we are delighted with the plan.