Our approach to weed control

Our approach to weed control always involves building a healthy lawn.

What is a healthy lawn? A healthy lawn doesn’t just look good — it takes care of its own weeds by crowding them out. We have lots of customers who either no longer need chemical weed control or who just need spot treatments now and then.

We use several weed control methods. Whenever possible, we spot treat a lawn instead of blanket treating areas that don’t have weeds.

We also use eco-friendly applications and methods. For instance, we typically spot treat lawns instead of blanket treating them. And we apply weed control so that there’s minimal, if any, run-off into the Chesapeake Bay. These techniques have earned us a coveted place in the Chesapeake Club. In fact, we’re the only landscaping company in Williamsburg certified by this prestigious organization.

Weed control is an art that involves season, temperature, and moisture conditions. If it’s hot, weed control might eliminate weeds but burn grass. In cold or dry weather, chemicals may not be effective against weeds that can’t take them up.

A key to weed control is the height of your grass. At a height of three inches or so, healthy grass will not allow intruders to take root. Lower-cut lawns are perfect for weed germination; no matter how much pre-emergent we put down, we’ll still see weed breakthrough.

One reason that you want to control weeds is to preserve our environment. Weeds are typically shallow rooted, and won’t hold the soil against rain. A strong, healthy lawn, however, not only releases more carbon dioxide into the environment, but also discourages and even prevents erosion.

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Bed Transformation!

Once again I am very pleased with the excellent work H&G did on my property.  They turned a section of my ugly front yard with invasive Bermuda grass into a beautiful and simple flower bed with mulch and many small bushes.  This striking transformation adds greatly to the house’s curb appeal.  I look forward to them coming back out this fall and replacing the rest of the front yard with sod and removing all the undesirable Bermuda grass.  Brian was easy and pleasant to work and plan with.  He always responded to my questions immediately.  Jon and his crew were likewise very nice, efficient, and perfectionists in planting my new yard.  Many thanks and accolades to H&G once again!

Sandy Hall

So thankful to be a customer!

when i returned to williamsburg in 2022, it was a real challenge to find a company willing to take on “yet one more customer” – i was ignored and turned down by others… but hertzler and george came to my rescue and i could not be happier – wonderful staff, professional and so friendly, i completely trust them to service my yard!  merry christmas and happy new year to everyone and H&G!


Drainage Help

I would like to let you know how happy we are with the service we received recently.
We had a drainage issue in our yard and did some research, learned your company was highly recommended and decided to see what your company could do.
From the first contact, we had a great experience as the lady that answered the phone was very nice. She put us in contact with Brian Kemp who we also liked from the start, and we made an appt for him to come and take a look. He was right on time, very thorough, and just a very nice fella who we both liked right away and had confidence in. We really liked how he gave us options and listened to what we wanted. We scheduled the work, it was done right on time, and it looks great! Brian was even nice enough to do a video walk through for us afterwards as we weren’t in town. Just great service from start to finish! Thank you Brian

We will definitely be back with more projects in the future.

T.M. - Ford's Colony

Thank You

Just a short note to thank you for all the help you gave us with our garden this year. Jonathon again did a wonderful job doing the bed detailing this summer, as did the mulching crew in the spring. I don’t know the name of the woman who supervised the mulching crew, but I want to let you know how professional she was. In fact, the entire crew was pleasant to work with, especially to experience the care that they took with their work.

Thanks also for being so flexible with the changes we requested for our mowing schedule.

E.L. - Ford's Colony

Always Helpful

Brian came out last week to try to assess a problem we are having in our yard.  He arrived on time, was extremely courteous and took a considerable amount of time analyzing our situation.  While he was unable to reach a solution, he did take the time to research and recommend another business that might be able to help us.  That kind of customer service will make us more likely to call on Hertzler & George if other issues arise.  Thanks, Brian!