Our approach to weed control

Our approach to weed control always involves building a healthy lawn.

What is a healthy lawn? A healthy lawn doesn’t just look good — it takes care of its own weeds by crowding them out. We have lots of customers who either no longer need chemical weed control or who just need spot treatments now and then.

We use several weed control methods. Whenever possible, we spot treat a lawn instead of blanket treating areas that don’t have weeds.

We also use eco-friendly applications and methods. For instance, we typically spot treat lawns instead of blanket treating them. And we apply weed control so that there’s minimal, if any, run-off into the Chesapeake Bay. These techniques have earned us a coveted place in the Chesapeake Club. In fact, we’re the only landscaping company in Williamsburg certified by this prestigious organization.

Weed control is an art that involves season, temperature, and moisture conditions. If it’s hot, weed control might eliminate weeds but burn grass. In cold or dry weather, chemicals may not be effective against weeds that can’t take them up.

A key to weed control is the height of your grass. At a height of three inches or so, healthy grass will not allow intruders to take root. Lower-cut lawns are perfect for weed germination; no matter how much pre-emergent we put down, we’ll still see weed breakthrough.

One reason that you want to control weeds is to preserve our environment. Weeds are typically shallow rooted, and won’t hold the soil against rain. A strong, healthy lawn, however, not only releases more carbon dioxide into the environment, but also discourages and even prevents erosion.

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Always Helpful

Brian came out last week to try to assess a problem we are having in our yard.  He arrived on time, was extremely courteous and took a considerable amount of time analyzing our situation.  While he was unable to reach a solution, he did take the time to research and recommend another business that might be able to help us.  That kind of customer service will make us more likely to call on Hertzler & George if other issues arise.  Thanks, Brian!


Five Stars All Around

We hired H&G to help us re-do our landscaping after a different local landscaping company did a sub par job with plant selections and installations. That company also was very hard to deal with. H&G stepped right up with Jennifer creating a new planting scheme comprising of native plants with some we had never seen before and which we love! She is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with – a true landscaping charm! Jon did the installations and also did a fantastic job. He was very meticulous on planting and finishing the job neatly with mulch. Unlike that other company’s installer, Jon left us extremely happy with the job done. Customer service on the phone – pleasant, patient and helpful. The only, and ever so minor aspect of their work, is they don’t offer a guarantee on the plants or install. I suppose that’s becoming industry standard. However, now looking over all the plantings with a bit of time passing, I am confident that there won’t need to be any replacements. Watering is of course the key element. Thank you H&G, the country cottage landscaping we’ve wanted is now ours – FIVE STARS!

Chris Dombrowski
Ford's Colony | Homeowner

True professionals

Had these guys build a surface-grade patio in May 2023. They looked at the project, sent me a proposed scope of work and contract via email, took a deposit of 1/2 the total via bank transfer. They set a date weeks later to start the job. They showed up on time, worked professionally and cleaned up at the end of the day. Whole job took 3 days, and they even replaced all the patio furniture on the last day. The final product was precisely what I asked for, done in a high-quality, workmanlike way.

H&G are not the cheapest guys out there, but for the extra money you get a professional product, professionally executed, on time, on budget. Honestly: I don’t think it gets any better than that.


Ken Blakely

Beyond Satisfied

We had an ugly uneven weedy patio and a driveway that needed reshaping and gravel. The transformation is stunning. Your representative Brian was patient and helpful in designing repairs to our satisfaction and your work crew was exceptional. Edwardo the work site foreman was extremely knowledgeable and professional and created a beautiful patio. His crew was superior.

Tim & Cynthia Porter

Joe Hertzler goes the extra mile

Hertzler and George were contracted to perform some landscaping for a seller of mine to get the home ready to show. They had just finished an extensive re-landscaping of the next door neighbors entire yard. I was very impressed by their attention to detail and their desire to satisfy their client. Joe Hertzler goes the extra mile to achieve complete client satisfaction. They provide a complete mix of landscaping design services and maintenance of existing landscaping

Tim Parker
Liz Moore Real Estate