A group of people who are alive with…passion

“On rare occasions one is blessed to work with a group of people who are alive with the energy that comes only to those who have a passion for what they do. Joe Hertzler and his team are one of those phenomena.”


Charles Blaha was a client who became a mentor to me. His career as a Coast Guard commander had taught him how to lead people effectively. I was lucky enough to have a chance to learn from him for several years before he died.

One of the greatest comments he ever made to me pertained to his own landscape. He said, “When I go out to work in my yard, say, to mow the lawn, my plan is to mow the lawn but my objective is to keep the garden beautiful. So if I see some trash or some other little task that needs doing, I do it. When a company comes to mow the lawn, that is all they do…mow the lawn. Somehow, if you can get your organization to see my garden through my eyes, you will succeed.

I planted a bald cypress in his honor when I returned home from his funeral. It still stands and is growing stronger, just like his words of wisdom.   – Joe Hertzler


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