Nice work, as usual, by Terry and Mitch

Joe, I didn’t look over the completed job until this morning, and I’m delighted! You were right about the grade, it’s just fine. Nice work by Terry and Mitch, as usual. Everything looks lovely, and they even cleaned up the driveway. Thanks very much.


A few years back I decided to make a concerted effort to get feedback from our customers. I wanted to know what they were experiencing. It’s easy for me to think that H&G is awesome, when in reality we may be screwing things up royally. I wanted to know what was really happening. My goal was to get as close to a realistic picture as I could, then use those comments to help us improve operations.Who better to tell me than the person paying the bill. We started putting a place for comments on every invoice, work order, and statement. We started asking questions. We wanted to get the conversation going.

Now, a number of years later, we’ve learned a lot. An overwhelming majority of the comments are, well, overwhelmingly positive. (I guess H&G clients are just nice people!) I’ve posted some of the best here, and I have to say I’m proud of each and every one and of the effort by H&G team members that made it happen. Once and a while we get a smoking zinger complaint. OK, so I haven’t posted those, but just like the positive comments, we earned the negative one. If you’re one of the few who has sent one, you know we listen and react.

H&G customers rock! Keep the comments coming…good or bad.

– Joe Hertzler

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