Queen’s Lake Residence

Apr 25, 2023

Out-of-the-box thinking and open-minded clients allow a major change to the layout of the yard. Moving the garage door to the side of the house allows a gracious new entry court.
Restored plantation by H&G
James River house before H&G

Curb Appeal

Due to the poorly designed circulation (above right) the view of the house is dominated by cars and the space is not welcoming to visitors on foot.

With a new driveway and bluestone paving circulation has been clearly defined, creating a welcoming entry. Once established, the plants in the mulched beds will blend with the wooded character of the property.

Restored plantation by H&G
James River house before H&G

Welcome Home

The existing garage (above right) awkwardly faces the front yard and requires a large expanse of pavement in front of the sunroom window.

New bluestone paving and a low stone wall create a warm and inviting forecourt and provides an intimate view from inside the house.

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Paver working on building a patio
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